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CleanAir Ioniser from Dazer International

Breathe Clean
'mountain fresh' air

The freshness of the atmosphere after a heavy thunderstorm is a sensation familiar to us all.What happens is very simple. A heavy downpour has restored the natural electrical balance of the air. Such an effect is achieved by the ClearAir ioniser, a breakthrough from Dazer International.

CleanAir incorporates the latest technology available, generating a health giving high negative charge which is emitted into the surrounding air. A ClearAir will ionise up to 200 cubic metres (a room 26ft x 26ft). ClearAir removes smoke, dust, stale smells from the air we breathe to bring respite to those whose skin, eyes or respiratory tract are sensitive.
  • Internal use for homes, businesses, storage areas, etc.
  • Removes smoke, dust and stale smells from the air we breathe.
  • Ideal for all rooms at home, work and bird rooms.
  • a MUST for every bedroom.
  • Brings respite to most Asthma victims.
  • Brings curative benefit to most respiratory suffers.
  • The ioniser is made from fire retardant Burite.
  • Comes with 2 year guarantee.
  • Conforms to BS3456 Electrical Standard.
  • Low running costs, less than 1p per day to run.


In a research programme, conducted by a world authority on ionisation, 1,000 people who suffered from various ailments were given the use of an ioniser.
The finders were:
Used for %
Benefit %
Hay fever
Chronic bronchitis
Note: the % of users form specific conditions exceeds 100 because the ionisers were used for more than one condition.

Clear Air took just 1 minute 40 seconds to clear the smoke chamber

Why Do We Need an Ioniser ?

In modern homes we are surrounded by products which are made of plastics and artificial fabrics which are generally positively electrically charged. This causes dust particles from carpets and fabrics to swirl into the air which we breathe. Central heating causes air currents and vacuum cleaners without an effective filtration system makes the situation worse by keeping the particles constantly moving in the air. An ioniser will reduce the particles in the air.

What Do These Particles Consist Of ?

Generally they consist of fibres from carpets and fabrics, hair and skin and dust mite faeces. Dust mites are tiny microscopic creatures which feed from the skin that we shed on a daily basis. Their faeces are then released into the air that we breathe. With the advent of fitted carpets, doubled glazed windows, central heating and vacuum cleaners these particles are constantly circulating in the air. If we opened our windows we let in a lot of pollution such as pollen grains, and carbon deposits from diesel engines which make matters worse.

What Effect Do These Particles Have On Us ?

People who have respiratory problems such as Asthma have a respiratory tract which is sensitive to these particles if we can therefore reduce the amount of particles in the air we can ease their discomfort.

So What Is An Ioniser And How Does It Work ?

An Ioniser is an electrical device which emits via needles, streams of negative ions into the surrounding air negatively charging it. Nature does this naturally during an electrical thunderstorm, which is why the air after such a storm always smells clean and fresh, the air has become negatively charged and the particles are attracted to one another and become heavier than air and fall to the ground leaving the air clean. An ioniser does the same thing artificially in your home and keeps the air that you breathe cleaner than it would normally be by reducing the particles suspended in the air.

For Clean 'mountain fresh' air, order a Dazer CleanAir Ioniser today.



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