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Colloidal Silver Generator

Operating Instructions

  1. A PP3 Alkaline Battery is already installed.
  2. Do not get black box wet
  3. Fill a tumbler or glass with tap water if good quality, or spring, rain or distilled water. Use approx. 9 fluid ozs - 220 mls.
  4. If the water seems cold, heat up in a microwave or glass saucepan until slightly warm.
  5. Put the silver rods into water (with tap water the light glows brightly with distilled water it barely glows). There is no on or off switch.
  6. Tap water charged for 5 minutes should look milky white when stirred with plastic spoon. Heated distilled water takes about 30 minutes charging, and you do not see much change to the colour.
  7. To remove dark silver oxide from silver rods after use, simply gently polish with a nylon kitchen pan scourer and cotton cloth.
  8. To replace battery, put a sharp knife into the slot at the top of the black box and open it up gently, level off the battery clip and replace with a good quality Alkaline PP3 Battery (Eveready energiser, Duracell, etc.). Make sure that when the new battery is inserted into the case that the clip-end faces the ligh end! Each new battery should make hundreds of 8 fluid ozs approx. 220 mls of 3 to 5 minute colloid.
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