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Colloidal Silver Generator
  • Portable Device
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The Sunday Times of February 20, 2000, carried a large article on the dangers apparent from 'Superbugs' as they termed those pathogens that are now resistant to antibiotic treatments. One statement says that you could have a sore throat on Monday and be dead by Friday.

Staphylococcus Aureus is a bacterium normally resident in the nose and skin of most people. It is usually sensitive to many antibiotics, so most infections from it can be treated. However, there are strains of this bacterium that are now regarded as MRSA - Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus, and this is - as its name implies- resistant to antibiotics and causes trouble. E Coli is another that has created large headlines in recent months, and it doesn't just upset the tummy, it kills! In order to treat these resistant bacteriums, even stronger antibiotics are created which, apart from their being ever more expensive, are sometimes so toxic that they too can kill the patient! Now we're caught up in a race and - experts say - unless there's a dramatic change we are going to lose the battle. The 'legal control' of infected people (quarantine) is discussed more widely nowadays, because of the dangers of infection, and the consequent possibility of an epidemic of plague proportions is openly mooted. No less a personage than G Poste, the former head of research of Smith-Kline-Beecham, is quoted in The Sunday Times article, and his views on the subject of resistant pathogens is enlightening stuff.

For this reason - if no other- more and more 'experts' are turning back to the 'old fashioned' ways of curing ailments, and 'natural' methods are being re-examined. Among these are the uses of Colloidal Silver (CS) - the suspension of extremely fine particles of silver in a liquid base (usually distilled water), long known as a killer of almost every known pathogen, virus, fungi and one or two protozoas into the bargain. It does NOT cure illness. It kills the causes of illnesses, then the body's own repair mechanisms get to work to repair the damage.

It is widespread practise nowadays to spray CS on the head to prevent dandruff, or to spray it on the face to clear up acne (Richard Wylie's 14-year old son had a problem with acne until he started spraying, and now he's called 'Babyface' by his school companions for his clear complexion!) A toothbrush standing in a half glass of CS water is a sterile toothbrush, as are your false teeth at night once they've been dropped into a tumbler of the stuff.

Cage bird fanciers have several documented treatments for ailments affecting their charges, and those same 'treatments' are now being used successfully on larger birds, such as pigeons, macaws, etc. and a book by Dr M Paul Faber 'The Micro Silver Bullet' details these treatments.

Fish tanks are now routinely cleaned by the addition of a teaspoon of CS water to the tank once a week, and garden ponds that suffer from a mass of green algae in summer can be much cleaner if a pint of CS liquid is added now and again.

Scores of horse and dog owners now openly praise Coloidal Silver, and swear by its effectiveness in alleviating ear infections, laminitis, sweetitch, mange, chronic kidney and liver ailments and a host of digestive maladies. Of course it doesn't cure these conditions, but it does kill the organisms that cause them, thus allowing the natural healing rhythms to become effective.

Pigeon fanciers rearing their first round of babies with CS added to the drinkers are already discovering that several of the common ailments usually seen in nestlings 'going back' are no longer apparent. Even 'wet feeders' are rearing better babies, because the water they pump into their offspring is clear of the bacterias that so often assit illness to obtain a hold. A facier rang me just last night to say that a pair of breeders that invariably rear lovely YBs 'until they get canker' has not reared a single cankery YB this year at all. He uses half a glass of CS in the drinkers every day. Others, like the Hitchin partnership who have been users of CS for some time, already know - and credit - Colloidal Silver with their successes. As one fanciers remarked, "Now every beggar knows about it, its going to be a bit harder all over again".


If unable to obtain distilled water, ordinary tap water will suffice. Regular users of CS claim that its use is akin to having a 'second immune system, working at a better rate than the orignal'. The microscopic flakes of silver in water suspension are positively charged, and when they come int contact with the negatively charged enzymes that all viruses, bacterias and pathogens use for oxygen conversion, they cancel out negative charge and in a word, suffocate them within 6 minutes of their meeting. The virus, bacteria or pathogen then dies.

On yourself, start off with half a glass (around 100ml) of CS daily and maintain this level for a fornight. Thereafter just a dessertspoonful a day should serve to keep you free of germs! Store CS in a dark brown bottle, using a plastic cap or cork, not a metal closure.

On pigeons, commence usage with a half a glass in a 2 litre drinker, Mondays and Thursday for two weeks. Then a dessert spoon in a 2 little drinker daily will ensure that the water stays free of pathogens. If treating a sick bird, I recommend using a large 'D' cup filled with neat CS during the time of treatment to ensure germfree water and the cleansing of pathogens from the affected bird's system.

It is claimed impossible to overdose on CS, since pure silver is non-toxic. (The electrodes on all good CS generators are 99.99% pure silver). The passage of an electric current through the electrodes when in water suspension causes millionth of an inch sized flakes to sinter off them, and to maintain an equidistant state from their neightbours because of the positive electron charge they hold.

Bill Cowell (Bilco).

The medical information and procedures contained on this web site are not intended as a substitute for consulting your veterinary surgeon. Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should come under the direction of a veterinarian, particilarly one who is familiar with nutritional therapy.
The symptoms as described are only intended as a general guide and are not in any way, shape, or form a specfic diagnosis for a particular bird's illness.
The information on colloidal silver is simply a collection of information in the public domain, and presented strictly for information and edicational use only. Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. No clamis whatsoever can be made as to specific benefits accuring from the use of colloidal silver.


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