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Be honest. Even if you're an ardent animal lover, you don't want unwelcome animals in your garden. Dogs that dig holes and foul your lawn. Cats that trample flower beds and, even worse, disturb your sleep!

If you live in rural areas, uninvited animals such as foxes and deer could also pose a problem.

Until now you had very few options to prevent their visits. After all you wouldn't want to harm a stray animal even if you are at your wits end!

The High Tech sound solution

Fortunately, modern sound technology has provided an answer, the new Pest Patrol. It uses high frequency sound power to help force unwanted animals to leave the area. This eliminates the need for repellents, traps or physical attacks.

Ultrasonic sound power

Pest patrol broadcasts high frequency noise that is harmless but extremely loud and unbearable to most cats, dogs and other territorial animals. The noise helps stop their territorial vists to your protected areas.

How it works

Small animals depend on their acute hearing for survival. They can hear in the 18 to 25.5 kHz range which is beyond the range of most humans. When critical hearing frequencies are disrupted by strong sound pulses, animals feel threatened and leave the 'noisy' area. Pest Patrol takes advantage of this fact to help protect your garden from pests.

Just plug it in

The Pest Patrol's power adapter simply plugs into any standard household electric socket. 30 ft of low voltage thin cable is provided to help ensure desired positioning of the unit. Electricity consumption is very low and costs less than two pence a day to run. 240 Volt household power is stepped down to 9 volts DC.

Pest Patrol is designed for outdoor use. It is essentially maintenance free and requires only a minimum of care. It is recommended to remove the unit in snowy or torrential rain conditions, or construct a simple 'roof' over the unit using wood or plastic.

The Pest Patrol protects an area of approx 3000 sq ft (278 sq metres) in an oval pattern of about 50 feet across and 80 feet deep.

A boon to bird lovers and fish keepers

Do you enjoy watching and feeding birds in your garden ? If you have problems with predatory cats, the Pest Patrol is the answer. Birds cannot hear, nor are they affected by, the high frequency sound. At last you can help them feed and nest in peace! Fish are not affected either by the sound.


Note: The Pest Patrol sound may not be effective against all animals which includes deaf, infirm or very young animals.

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